The Rally-analyzer is the application what all team manager need, who is taking care a team competing any kind of Rally event. You can forget all notebooks, sheets, paper based item to record and calculate the results of an event. With this incredible application you can handle very easily and fast all the data you need to control a team to catch the highest level of the podium.
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Rally Analyzer
Data recording
On the main screen after startup you can add new event or edit the previously used ones.
Inside the event you have to add the stages with stage name and length, also you have to add the drivers you are taking care. This means you have to add your drivers and also the drivers may have interesting results for you.
On this main page of each event there is a button for driver results. You have to use it after every stage, when you would like to store the stage times for each drivers. For each stage you can add each drivers time.
Driver results
On the main page of each event on the lower part of the screen there are the buttons for the different analysis pages.
“Stage results” page: there are the results for each stages are already done
“Time graph” page: on a graph the time of each drivers, in sec/km to correlate to the fastest on that stage Time graph
“Speed indicator” page: a bar graph for each drivers, shows the difference in sec/km from the theoretical fastest times on the stage. It means, it compares each drivers total time, and the sum of the fastest times on the stages. It’s a very useful analysis to show to the drivers, how fast is possible to drive on that event. Speed indicator
“Ranking” page: a graph with the drivers position on each stages. Ranking page
On the “Overall” page – which is the main page of the event – there is also a “view overall list” button, where you can see the actual standing of the event and the most important data, the time in sec/km your driver have to be faster in the rest of the event to catch the previous car. Overall page

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