B.A.C. Calculator

B.A.C. Calculator
Number one app to calculate the content of alcohol in your blood.

This software is much more, than an ordinary calculator, which works from a database, since You can create your own drink list from the drinks You had!
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You can check easily, how drunk You are, and how much time You need to be able to drive. The software calculates with most of the coefficients, which can affect the result. Even if the calculation is based on scientific research, the result is only informative!


  • You can add any drinks You had, the software will learn that
  • Simple way of data input
  • The software calculates with your gender, weight and height to give You the most accurate estimation
  • Graphical display of results
  • You get easily the time You have to wait, until You can drive safely!

SDS-Engineering Ltd. does not take any responsibility if You ever drive after drinking any alcohol.
B.A.C. Calculator
B.A.C. Calculator
B.A.C. Calculator

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